Let’s help to build a separate hostel for girls.

Support us in building the separate Girls Hostel for 100 HIV infected underprivileged children.

There are so many reasons why the suffering of innocent children brings a lump to the throat. But the number one heartbreaker has got to be the abandonment by their families, left on the roadside. Sadly, this almost always happens to children with HIV, often infected by their mothers since birth, and cast aside as soon as they get ill and test positive.

Mahesh Foundation was started in the year 2008 and since then has been working for the welfare of HIV infected children and underprivileged children. Since its inception, it has reached thousands of underprivileged children.

Let's build hope for needy children who lack education.

  • At the tender age of 3, Rajesh* lost both his parents to AIDS. Born HIV positive, Rajesh was abandoned on the streets by his relatives. The little one didn’t have anyone to care for him. As a result, he developed multiple health complications and his condition was critical - he was running out of time.
  • That’s when Mahesh Jadhav came to his rescue. He immediately transferred the child to a government hospital and got the treatment he needed. Today, Rajesh lives in Mahesh Foundation’s care home - Asha Kiran. Rajesh loves to play cricket and aspires to be an engineer one day. Today, there are so many children whose lives have changed because of Mahesh Jadhav. And he wants to give them a chance of a bright future by building a hostel for HIV+ girls.

Education is a precious diamond. Let us ensure to children that it is not expensive.

Mahesh Foundation’s Incredible Journey

“In 2010, while distributing fruits at a government hospital, I met a mother who was on her deathbed. She told me her 4-year-old was HIV positive, and I was shocked. A few days later, the mother passed away, and her relatives abandoned her child in the hospital. The child was terribly sick and the doctors had lost all hope. But I knew he could survive. I asked the doctor’s if I could care for him, and he recovered within a week.” - Mahesh Jadhav, Founder, Mahesh Foundation

  • That was the beginning of Mahesh Foundation in Belagavi, Karnataka - an NGO to empower and uplift the lives of HIV infected and underprivileged children. Under this, he started Asha Kiran (a ray of hope), a home for HIV positive orphans. What started with one child, has now grown to over 45 children who are HIV positive and have no one else to care for them. Along with the care home, Mahesh also runs a community school for HIV infected and underprivileged children. He carries out various awareness programs and offers educational support for over 4000 children in five districts of Karnataka with over 160 volunteers and 6 teachers.
  • Mahesh has dedicated his life to helping these children and hasn’t lost a single child at Asha Kiran to HIV - this is a testament to the love and care they receive at the care home. However, all of this hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges.

Stigma And Challenges

HIV positive children face so much stigma and exclusion on a daily basis.

“A few of our students were even asked to leave the examination hall of the school that they had gone to write in. My heart went out to them. They worked hard all year, and now they were being discriminated against. But I fought, and finally, they were allowed to sit back in. These are just some of the things they have to face on a daily basis. There’s so much stigma that people ask me and my family members if we are HIV positive because we take care of so many children! So much so, that my first marriage alliance was even broken off because of the work I do.”

But none of this has stopped Mahesh. He continues to give them the education, opportunities and care they deserve. Today, there’s a new challenge - the Covid-19 pandemic.

How You Can Help

Due to the change in laws, boys and girls are expected to stay in separate hostel buildings now. To abide by the law and give the children the best opportunities, Mahesh started building a new block for the girls, but was forced to stop the construction due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We rely on individual donors, and so many people have lost their jobs or their’s been a difficult time for them. So we haven’t received the support we usually would get. This building will help 100 HIV positive girls who are full of life and are working towards a bright future.”

Mahesh needs your help to get construction material to complete building the hostel for HIV+ girls. He is also getting more and more enquiries every day, and this building will help him give more HIV+ children a bright future.

Your support will make a world of a difference to these HIV+ girls.

About The NGO:

Mahesh Foundation was started by Mahesh Jadhav in Belagavi, Karnataka to empower and uplift HIV+ and underprivileged children. He started the Asha Kiran home, which takes care of all the needs of HIV+ orphans and gives them a safe and secure place to live in. He also has a community school and supports the educational needs of over 4000 HIV infected children from five districts of Karnataka. Mahesh has received many accolades for impacting hundreds of lives.

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality

Note: All the donations towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.

How can you donate?

This is a 100% not-for-profit organization and ensures the proper utilization of the disbursed funds with utmost transparency to support underprivileged children.

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Google Pay / Phone Pe No: 7353767637

If you have queries, please get in touch with us on 7353767637 / 8494945327.

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As a first step towards the initiative of new school construction and expansion of classes, we have identified land in the area which is within 1 Km distance from current location of the school. The land has a good learning environment and is free from external disturbance.

14th Aug, 2021

We, Mahesh Foundation are glad to share the progress of the construction of our Separate girls hostel that we are building in Kanabargi, Belagavi. We have completed the first-floor column works. We intend to complete the construction as soon as possible and make it available for the children. This initiative need more helping hands for our dream project.

6th Aug, 2021

Some of the pictures of our Separate Girls Hostel construction. We are delighted to inform you about the progress. We started the construction of our separate girls’ hostel construction a few months ago and completed the ground floor work. Now, the first-floor slab work is in progress. We will keep updating you about the progress in the coming days. We need more helping hands for our dream project.

2nd Aug, 2021

The MLA of Belagavi North, Shri. Anil Benake was the Chief Guest of the First Floor slab work ceremony that is held today. He performed the pooja and has given a start to the slab work. Shri. Anil Benake praised the work of the Mahesh Foundation and was happy to see this initiative of a separate girls hostel. As it will help the needy children. Appreciating the work, he donated Rs. 10 lakh to this noble cause under the MLA fund. On this auspicious occasion, BJP General Secretary Shri. Murgendragouda Patil and Mahesh Foundation senior staff Shri. Maheshwar Hampiholi was present at the ceremony. Our gratitude goes out to Shri. Anil Benake for donating such a precious contribution to our separate girls’ hostel construction. It’s people like them who make what we do possible. As you all know, we have started the construction of a separate girls hostel that would ensure a safe accommodation facility for HIV-positive underprivileged girls. We are delighted to inform you that we have successfully started the first-floor construction work.

31st Jul, 2021

For the past many years, we are maintaining separate floors for the accommodation of boys and girls in our existing premises. But recently, the government of India ordered all Child Care Institutions (CCIs) to maintain separate buildings for boys and girls. A few months ago, we started the construction of separate girls hostel in Kanabargi, Belagavi. We are delighted to inform you about the progress of the construction. The first-floor slab work is in progress and soon we will complete the first-floor slab work. We intend to complete the construction at the earliest.

14th Jul, 2021

As you know we are building a separate girls hostel for underprivileged girl children in Kanabargi Belagavi. We are happy to share the progress of the construction. Ground floor foundation plinth work is in progress. We intend to complete the construction as soon as possible and make it available for the available

1st Jul, 2021

As you know we are building a separate girls hostel for underprivileged girl children in Kanabargi Belagavi. We are happy to share the progress of the construction. Ground floor foundation plinth work is in progress. We intend to complete the construction as soon as possible and make it available for the available.

24th May, 2021

We are glad to inform the progress of our Proposed Separate girls’ hostel that we are building in Kanabargi, Belagavi. We have completed the column installation work of this construction. We will soon be going to start the further process of the construction. Need more helping hand for our dream project. If anyone wants to support this initiative please contact us at 8494945327 / 7353767637.

5th Apr, 2021

We are delighted to share the progress of our New Girls Hostel Building construction.
As you are aware a few months ago construction of our New Girls Hostel Building was started and the basement digging work has been completed and we are going to start the column installation and slab work soon.
This is one of the dream projects of Mahesh Foundation that would benefit the underprivileged children in the future, providing them all the amenities that the girls children need.
We would like to thank all the supporters and well-wishers who have made it possible so far. We hope you continue your support in the coming days.

4th Apr, 2021

We would love to share the progress of our New Girls Hostel building that we have started the construction process a few days ago.
The digging process is started and basement digging work is in progress. We are soon starting the column installation work.
Our sincere gratitude to all our supporters who are supporting this project. Without the supporters, it wouldn't have possible.

20th Mar, 2021

Shri. Pranay Vivek Patil is one of our prolonged supporters who has been associated with us for the past many years. Under the leadership of Shri Pranay Vivek Patil, Abhaji Foundation has been working for the welfare of society in Raibag and surrounding areas.
He and Abhaji Foundation team visited Mahesh Foundation and performed Piller worship of our New Girls Hostel Building which we performed Bhumi Poojan and started the construction, a few days ago.
We are privileged to associate with Shri. Pranay Patil and Abhaji Foundation, who have joined hands with us to support our cause.
Mahesh Foundation is grateful to Pranay Patil and the team for taking the time to visit Mahesh Foundation and performing the Piller Worship.

8th Mar, 2021

"Challenges are gifts that force us to find a new way".
We are happy to share this delightful news, yesterday performed Bhoomi Pooja for the construction of the new hostel building for girls and additional classrooms on the special occasion of International Women's Day. This newly proposed land is located beside our existing premises.
Currently, maintaining separate floors for boys and girls but due to new amendment by the government, we have to build separate premises for the boys and girls. Soon, we will start the construction of the building.



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Our Existing Programs

Mahesh Foundation, since its establishment in 2008 has directly or indirectly benefited thousands of people and most of them are children. We are working in the field of Shelter, Healthcare, Livelihood, Education, Community development and many more with a set of well structured programs. These programs made an impact on the lives of less privileged children.

Care Home

ASHAKIRAN is a ray of hope for HIV infected children who lost their parents and were abandoned by relatives. This care home is safe, clean and provides all the amenities that children need and most importantly mother's care, father's love, and affection of blood relations... Read more


Utkarsha Learning Center provides free quality education to medically challenged and underprivileged children who have little or no support at home. The school prefers skills along with the curriculum. Imaginations and creativity of a child are valued and help them... Read more

Outreach and Advocacy Program

A support initiative for needy children who require help to get an education. Many hapless children in society still lack support in getting an education. Mahesh Foundation spreads a helping hand to give them skill-based education such as computer education, art... Read more

Community Support Program

Women empowerment is the need of the hour in the present situation. Hence, Mahesh Foundation started an initiative, Mahila Udyog which creates a livelihood for the needy women and helps them support their families. These women are exploited and underrated in... Read more