Let’s help to build a separate hostel for girls.

Support Mahesh Foundation in helping Underprivileged Children continue their Education.

There are millions of households living in slums in India. The residents of these households include migrants, half of them being among the poorest of the poor. They lack basic facilities such as drinking water, sanitation, energy and other. They suffer from tremendous poverty which forces them to be involved in unfair activities such as begging, theft and more.

Mahesh Foundation was started in the year 2008 and since then has been working for the welfare of HIV infected children and underprivileged children. Since its inception, it has reached thousands of underprivileged children.

Let's build hope for needy children who lack education.

  • There are a lot of such families in Belagavi slums. The children of most of these parents don’t attend school because of lack of awareness among their parents and communities. Their parents are daily wage workers and work on the field for a whole day. Then these children had to take care of their younger siblings. Also, when the earnings of these families are not sufficient, the children are forced to involve in the begging, rag picking, child labour and other activities. The life-cycle approach of development starts with opening the doors of education for slum children, the underprivileged. So, Mahesh Foundation has started Utkarsha Learning Center to provide free education.
  • In Belagavi most of the Families are mainly dependent on farming and daily wages. Literacy rate is poor and it is difficult for them to do any skill work as they are not trained for such work in the area. The cluster of villages are very interior that they are unable to reach even to a nearby market or any institute to develop skills. The families mostly fall under BPL families. Girls mostly dropped out after 8Th & 10Th standard. They are not encouraged by their family to move further with their studies.
  • Currently, we have a limited space to run a school and this community support program. The present capacity is capable of providing education up to 5th standard and a limited number of people to provide with Skill Based education.

Education is a precious diamond. Let us ensure to children that it is not expensive.


A composite building for extended classrooms and Skills center would help thousands of students and underprivileged women. So, we have decided to build a separate facility which will have 6 floors as the first three floors will be dedicated to the classrooms. There are currently 175 medically challenged and underprivileged children are getting benefits of free education up to 5th standard and we seek further expansion of classrooms up to 8th standard and also increase the number of children in each class to reach more children in the coming days as we aim to provide free education to 500+ children by the year 2025.

Remaining three floors will ensure skill-based training to 10th dropout girls and underprivileged women. This initiative enhances income generation opportunities of sustainable livelihood to disadvantaged adolescent girls and women through Tailoring, Computer class, Art and Craft and other skills. The new Skill Center intends to provide skills that help them to match the local industries requirements and get employment opportunities.


  • More than 500 Underprivileged children will get free and quality education in the coming years.
  • It would ensure continuation of education for existing children.
  • Child labour, begging, rag picking and all forms unfair activities due to the lack of the educational facility is eliminated.
  • Inspire other children in the community to enroll in the school and get education.
  • 2000+ poor adolescent girls and women would be trained and would be engaged in income generation activities.
  • Thousands of economically and socially disadvantaged families would benefit from the Skilled people.

How can you help?

As little drops of water make a mighty ocean, your little contribution would make a huge difference in the lives of these kids and women. Mahesh needs your help to get construction material to complete building of skill development centre and classrooms for Utkarsh Learning Center. The strength of women and children is expanding , and this building will help him give more underprivileged children and women a bright future. Your support will make a world of a difference to these children and women.

Please help us in making this world a better place to live in for everybody.

About The NGO:

Mahesh Foundation came into existence in the year 2008. Since then it has been working for the welfare of HIV-positive and underprivileged children for the past 14 years. The Foundation is providing shelter, nutrition, healthcare, and education to HIV-positive and underprivileged children. Its core focus over the last decade has been to provide education to these children so that they live dignified lives.

In the past 14 years, the Foundation’s Care Home has directly benefited over 2200. The Foundation’s Community Support program has impacted the lives of 42000 HIV-infected socially disadvantaged families. Also, raised awareness among more than 3 lakh school and college students. Supported the education of 24000 underprivileged children to date.

Recognizing the services, the Government of India honored the founder with a National Award. Also, various government and non-government organizations recognized and honored Mahesh Foundation's services. Please visit our website to know more about us.

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality

Note: All the donations towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.

How can you donate?

This is a 100% not-for-profit organization and ensures the proper utilization of the disbursed funds with utmost transparency to support underprivileged children.

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As a first step towards the initiative of new school construction and expansion of classes, we have identified land in the area which is within 1 Km distance from current location of the school. The land has a good learning environment and is free from external disturbance.

7th Mar, 2023

We are happy to inform you that we have started the construction of our proposed new school and skill center building. Currently, we are working on the concrete bed work and PCC. This initiative will help HIV-positive children residing at Mahesh Foundation, slum children studying in school and underprivileged children, women and needy in the society.

21st Feb, 2023

We started the construction of our New School and Skill Center building at Kanabargi, Belagavi and very soon, we intend to complete it and make it available for the children. Here is all about the digging process of the land.

14th Jun, 2022

We performed Bhoomi Poojan of the Proposed School and Skill Center site in Kanabargi, Belagavi. The proposed School and Skill Center building would benefit underprivileged children, girls and women by helping them to acquire the necessary skills and become sustainable in their life. There are many underprivileged girls who drop out of school after completing primary or secondary education.



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Our Existing Programs

Mahesh Foundation, since its establishment in 2008 has directly or indirectly benefited thousands of people and most of them are children. We are working in the field of Shelter, Healthcare, Livelihood, Education, Community development and many more with a set of well structured programs. These programs made an impact on the lives of less privileged children.

Care Home

ASHAKIRAN is a ray of hope for HIV infected children who lost their parents and were abandoned by relatives. This care home is safe, clean and provides all the amenities that children need and most importantly mother's care, father's love, and affection of blood relations... Read more


Utkarsha Learning Center provides free quality education to medically challenged and underprivileged children who have little or no support at home. The school prefers skills along with the curriculum. Imaginations and creativity of a child are valued and help them... Read more

Outreach and Advocacy Program

A support initiative for needy children who require help to get an education. Many hapless children in society still lack support in getting an education. Mahesh Foundation spreads a helping hand to give them skill-based education such as computer education, art... Read more

Community Support Program

Women empowerment is the need of the hour in the present situation. Hence, Mahesh Foundation started an initiative, Mahila Udyog which creates a livelihood for the needy women and helps them support their families. These women are exploited and underrated in... Read more